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At Pearl Hearts Schools, we are committed to nurturing every learner’s potential with excellence for God’s glory.

Our competent team of teachers facilitate learning through all the activity areas as per the CBC curriculum designs. We complement this through relevant co-curricular activities and educational trips. Our mode of curriculum delivery is both In-person method of teaching in classrooms and Virtual teaching and learning. All this is done in line with the expected 21st Century skills and competencies.

We also invite seasoned resource persons from the market place to engage our learners and expose them to the World of Work.

We encourage a positive and open relationship between the school and the parents in support of the child’s development and wellbeing. We host Curriculum course outline meetings for the Parents at the beginning of the year in which parents get to know what the children will be learning in the new class as well as interact with the teachers.

At Pearl Hearts Schools we also host sessions for parents where they get to learn from each other and get equipped for their very important role of parenting.

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Condusive & Fun Environment
Virtual Learning
Seesaw, ZOOM
Varied Classes
Integrated Curricular for playgroup - Grade 9
Extra Curricular Activities
Outdoor playtime

Our History

Rachel Matata and Esther Mwaura have this unquenchable love for children that has seen them serve at their church – ICC (International Christian Centre) in the NextGen Ministry (Children Ministry) since early 2000. In 2006, over dinner among the two couples – the Matata’s and the Mwaura’s, the vision to begin a kindergarten was born.

Around this time, they both visited a couple of Day Cares and kindergartens to see what was on offer out there. Due to family and career priorities and limitations, the idea was shelved, however the dream never died.

Eight years later, in 2014, the two families embarked on a serious search for a suitable location. This led them to do drives into various possible locations around Nairobi, Mombasa road and Thika road among others. This period was also very enlightening and added impetus to the passion to finally implement their vision and dream.

In July 2015, after several meetings and consultations the two families prayerfully considered an offer to purchase a child care facility in Loresho Ridge estate.

In October 2015, after completion of the preliminaries, the renovation works begun. And on 6th December 2015, a very well-attended Thanks Giving and Commissioning Service,lead by Bishop Kitoto of ICC, was held at the premises. Pastor Leo Kinuthia whom Rachel and Esther have served under in the children ministry at ICC said; ‘…. For Rachel and Esther it had to end this way….’

A decade later behold Pearl Hearts Kindergarten. Finally the dream came true. All the glory and honour goes back to God. After many years of prayer, searching and dreaming together, Pearl Hearts Kindergarten opened its doors in Jan 2016

The school’s name was adapted after the founder’s thought of an appropriate word that would describe what they were setting to do. Like a pearl (note each is distinct) which form out of an irritation in oyster’s gut, Pearl Hearts Kindergarten was born out of a push to provide children with an institution that is truly Christian based and affordable. The emphasis is in nurturing each child into a responsible and wholesome Godly person, hence our essence – exceptional child for tomorrow.

As Pearl Hearts Kindergarten continues to invest in the future, we hold strongly to and shall continue to guard jealously our Christian heritage. Our commitment is first to God then to the children that have and will be entrusted to us.

We pray that we will be worthy vessels for His use in preparing, inspiring and equipping each as an exceptional child for tomorrow.

With the desire to maintain our culture and keep teaching and walking with our learners, we set up our primary school and opened our doors to Grade one (1) students in January 2020.

Even when Covid 19 hit a few months after learning continued in April 2020 when we quickly adopted virtual learning via Zoom using Seesaw platform.

In July 2022, Pearl Hearts Schools was among the first new schools in Nairobi County to be awarded the Junior Secondary School license by Ministry of Education. This was after a rigorous inspection by both the County and Regional Quality Assurance and standards office

Core Values

placeholder Fruitfulness
We encourage, support and nurture positive elements to our students to help them in their lives as they learn new things.
placeholder Respect
We nurture our students self-esteem and accountability which are positive traits of respect and self-confidence.
placeholder Excellence
We empower our students to become motivated, focused, disciplined, and resilient in the pursuit of excellence.
placeholder Stewardship
We nurture our students in an understanding of stewardship as a Christian practice and responsibility.
placeholder Honour God
We teach our students why God deserves respect and honor. Pleasing God by putting Him first and respect HIM.
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