Loresho Ridge Estate, Nairobi, Kenya

How we learn

Our Classes

Pebble Class (9 Months – 2 Years)

The small lovely pebbles are our day care class. Like a well-rounded pebble with the potential to fall the giant goliath, these little ones are full of potential and are being released and introduced into the schooling world through play in a caring and professional environment. Here we have play, play and some more play. We recommend that they are accompanied by their nanny for the first 2 days by which time they will have familirised and they are comfortable.

Ruby Class (2 – 3 Years)

Did you know that for thousands of years the ruby has been considered as one of the most valuable gemstone?
Did you know that 2-3 years of age is the most important age of a human being?
Major milestones are achieved in this age. Milestones such as toilet training and speech acquisition happen now. Self-confidence is built as early as this age.
This happens to be the most important period of emotional development for your child.
Tempers and tantrums are prevalent at this age. This is very normal. We shall train your child on how to navigate these issues successfully. Some hand and cognitive activities will be introduced in this age group.

Emerald Class (3 – 4 Years)

Hurray! Terrible two is officially over and the magic years begin.
We have now matured and can identify numbers 1-10…no pressure please. We can identify vowel sounds. Colouring is our specialization. We can begin listening to stories and retelling them happily to all.

Diamond Class (4 – 5 Years)

We are now more refined and can count without difficulty. We have a better understanding of time and have somewhat become a dynamo of energy. At this age there is tremendous spurt of imaginative ideas. We are more aware of who we are.
Writing, counting and colouring is what we are good at.

Gold Class (5 – 6 Years)

We can comfortably say that we are fully refined. We are now ready for mainstream school of choice.
We are now independent and can read long sentences as well as tackle simple arithmetics. We enjoy story reading and drawing descriptive pictures.. We can write our name without a challenge. And how about recall? We remember a lot so be sure to be nice to us otherwise we may never forget. We are more in control of our behavior. At this age each child is encouraged to learn through projects and class presentations.

Exceptional child for tomorrow

Our Mission

To nurture holistic Godly children in excellence and discipline.

Our Values

We are F.R.E.S.H.

Fruitfulness. Respect. Excellence. Stewardship. Honour God.